Why Do Dogs Chase Cats

December 12, 2009 at 6:44 pm (Dogs and Cats)

The day that I bought my pet, I have forever speculated about dogs and cats always fought with each other. I read an article called German Shepherds and Cats which said that dogs can get along with cats if trained but I don’t know if that’s really true or not. It is comprehendible that back in the good years when one was  a wolf and the other one was a wild cat, because they were both predatory animals who stalked the same target. It would be common sense to fend for their food from other predators that may try to steal it. Regrettably this doesn’t excuse the hate for each other afterward so many days because the dog and cat don’t hunt for food anymore and neither one is trying to take their food. When they catch the sight of one another, you know that something will happen.

Two days ago, I was walking my dog down a street that is close by and out of nowhere my dog froze. It was dark outside so I didn t really see what exactly was in the bush that my dog was looking at. My dog was completely frozen starring and waiting for something so I tugged on his leash but he didn t move. Thats when I heard some noises comming out of the bush, I thought that maybe it was a squirel or some little creature that got my dogs attention. My pet moved forward sniffing out what exactly was hidding in that bush. Out of nowhere a white cat jumped out and hissed at my dog right before he just ran down the road.

Thats when my dog Teddy let out a loud bark which made the cat run even quicker.  When that cat sprung out I thought my dog would rip my arm off as he pulled me in the cats direction, but I managed to hold him down from running after that cat. So I brought my dog back inside got on the laptop and decided to do my own research. To my shock I found out that not all dogs and cats fight, some dog owners even own cats in the same house and the dog and cat get along just fine without fighting. Unfortunately I will never be able to own a cat because clearly my dog doesn’t like them at all lol.


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